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Principal's Message

Norwood Principal Theresa DiMichele

Welcome to Norwood Avenue Elementary School!

Welcome to Norwood Avenue Elementary School. As a primary building, we enjoy collaborating and learning with students, parents and families that make up our wonderful school community. The entire Norwood family is committed to providing the best possible education for every child. As your principal, I will create a positive school culture that promotes learning and engagement for both students and adults.

On any given day, our classrooms are full with activities and ideas that challenge and inspire our students. Our amazing teachers work hard to create an exceptional learning environment for our students. Throughout the year, exciting things are happening in our classrooms.   We encourage you to get involved by joining our NSA, volunteering at school activities, and taking an active role in your child's education This year, Nicole Lopes is our President.

Our motto at Norwood is "Scatter Kindness." Every morning, we remind our students:

  • Kind to everyone

  • Include all classmates

  • Never use bad words

  • Don't be a bully

  • Nice to everyone

  • Everyone wants to get along

  • So be nice

  • Start with Kindness

You are the best gift you can give your child. You are your child's most important teacher. Spend time with your child. The elementary years go quickly, but they are among the most important and fundamental years of your child’s life. It is my desire to keep the focus on increasing student achievement and doing whatever it takes to help ALL our students be successful and enjoy coming to school each day. I believe that learning should be fun and that an elementary school should pave the way for a lifetime of learning.

See you on the playground!

Theresa A. DiMichele, Principal
[email protected]